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Ce mec fait du Kitesurf 4×4 !!

Autant, on le sait le kitesurf est adaptable à tout terrain de jeu, autant ici dans cette vidéo on en a la preuve en image et dans la même journée ! Snowkite, kitesurf en twintip ou en snowboard dans une rivière, sur de la neige ou dans mini lac. Régalez vous les images sont de top qualité filmé en Norvège sur le spot de Haugastol.


For a long time our team and film crew had the idea to combine snowkiting and kitesurfing in one session, to get the love and passion of the two sports conveyed in one awesome video. This video truly transmits the essence of being ‘Inspired by Nature and Driven by the Elements’. Late in the season as the ice started to thaw but with the snow still firmly set, the conditions were finally on in Haugastøl, Norway to make this dream a reality.




The Chrono V3 Ultralight and the Hyperlink V1 are both the perfect arsenal for this type of adventure and add the Zephyr V5 to the mix for some impressive floaty boosting and rotations. The Chrono is super reactive in light winds with an impeccably smooth handling while the Hyperlink is the ideal crossover kite for those just getting into the sport and want to switch from an inflatable. The Hyperlink is the first foil kite to be as dynamic and fun to ride as a performance inflatable. Creating a new era of foil kite riding. (More info: ozonekites.com)

Being able to snowkite means you can leave the crowds behind, ditch the T-bars and make your own way up the mountain while creating your own tracks as you go.

Video: MLandPictures
Rider: Didier Botta
Location: Haugastøl, Norway

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