Avec aucun budget défini, mais juste une motivation et une passion pour le kitesurf, en 2011 quelques riders ont voyagé à travers le globe à la recherche des meilleurs spots. Et lorsqu’ils ont y sont arrivés, ils ont réalisé qu’il y avait de nombreuses lessons à apprendre afin d’atteindre le réel rêve. Et c’est ainsi qu’ils devinrent “Children of Revolution”.

Avec la participation de Thomas Paris, Forest Bakker, Tom court, Tom Hebert,…

Lesson #1
“Do what you want in life but do it in the right way”

Lesson #2
“You can easily dethrone The King”
-Tomas Paris-
Lesson #3
“Stick to the one’s you love”
Lesson #4
Never let anyone or anything get you down
Lesson #5
“We are what we think, all that arises with our thoughts, with our thoughts we make the world”
Lesson #6
“Be as complete as you can, never limit your dreams”
-Teiva Joyeux-
Lesson # 7
“You’ll never stop learning so open your mind and be ready to receive, everything in life is a lesson. You have to make mistakes and learn from them to evolve into your best being. Once you have the feeling of success and accomplishment from a goal that you have worked so hard for, nothing can beat that in life.
And only you can enjoy that party!”

Lesson #8
“Happiness is real only if shared”
-Jon Krakauer-

Cape Verde - Kirsty Jones
Wiiind Surfing - Ian Alldredge