Une équipe allemande qui n’en est pas à sa première expédition écologique a décidé de traverser l’Australie avec un véhicule électrique tracté par une kite permettant d’avancer et en même temps de recharger une batterie qui remplace le kite lors de l’absence de vent,…

www.wind-explorer.com “The Wind Explorer is a vehicle that seems to come from the future. But it is already reality,” said Gion. The special feature of the Wind Explorer is that it is an electric vehicle with its own mobile power supply. When the battery is empty, the pilots can recharge them via a portable wind turbine, if wind conditions allow, or via the conventional power network. It takes half an hour to erect the turbine and six-meter high telescopic mast made of bamboo. In addition to wind power, the Wind Explorer can be driven by kites. In this way, the lightweight vehicle reached speeds of around 80 kph as it crossed the states of Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales.

The pilots left Perth on January 21, 2011. Having carried out various tests during the first 500 km, the real trip started in Albany on January 26, 2011. For the first 800km to Nullarbor Plain the Wind Explorer was driven entirely by electric power. Strong winds then enabled the pilots to use the kites. Finally, on January 31, 2011, the Wind Explorer achieved its best daily performance, covering 493 km. “It’s great to see how lightweight construction and lithium-ion technology can provide a response to the problem of global warming,” said Simmerer.

Pour plus d’infos sur le projet, rendez-vous sur www.wind-explorer.com.

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