X-Greenland 2010 Expedition

X-Greenland 2010 is a Norwegian snowkite expedition that crossed Greenland from south to north during may and june of 2010. The expedition consists of four members. All very experienced long distance snowkiters from Norway.

With 1812 kilometers sailed in 17 days. The expedition was a great succes. Where the Flysurfer Speed3 Deluxe proved to be a great expedition kite.

Davantage d’infos sur  x-greenland.com

About ben2002neb

Flysurfer Soul 15m, Peak4 13m, Stoke 9m, Boost 7m, Boosté 5m, Flyradical 5 144/46, Flydoor 164, TIKI 163, surf Mitu 5'10, Zeeko foil white&green Promo rider Flysurfer, www.billykite.be. matos en test Bretagne (Perros Guirec) durant les vacances sinon Hollande et Belgique

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