Un petit film qui devrait voir le jour incessamment sous peu avec une grosse brochette de riders.

Gust kiteboarding movie in HD from Low Pressure and Chainsaw Productions Trailer music from Sight Unscene other music from Hello Music, Slightly Stoopid, Danger Hailstorm, Hallway Ballers, Diego’s umbrella, Hello Amsterdam, Black Sunshine and Shawn Farmer

Featuring: Aaron Hadlow, Alex Peterson, Chris Schey, Eric Rienstra, Grant Twiggy Baker, Jeff Kafka, Jesse Richman, Ruben Lenten, Shawn Richman, also starring Chip Wassan, Billy Parker, Jenna Hannon, Claire Lutz, Brandon Sheid, Jon Van Malsen, Laura Mahrer, Jeff Spiller, and John Heineken, Edited by Brad Holmes, Low Pressure Productions, Chainsaw Productions and Wind Over Water kiteboarding school additional footage from Bill Sharp Billabong XXL, Art Gimbel and Brad Holmes Directed by Jamy Donaldson

Lovely* kiting day
Kite Dakhla - Airone 2010