From April until the end of October, since 2012, has been offering kite-surfing lessons for all levels – from total beginners to freestyle coaching. Our goal is to teach you kiteboarding and help you become a fully, independent rider. With a strong focus on safety, our instructors will teach you about the different weather conditions, and you will learn everything from kite setup to packing your gear away.

Our learning process is based on IKO courses, which we have adapted to suit your personal learning speed.

To become an independent kiteboarder, it is highly advised to learn with professionals who are knowledgeable about teaching and who can provide you with their expertise. This will ensure you make a rapid and safe progress while using the right gear for the right weather conditions.

” Don’t endanger your life or the lives of those around you. It’s more cost effective to follow kitesurfing training.. “

Oostvoorne Kitesurf Beach
Oostvoorne Kitesurf Beach

Our kitesurfing beach (Oostvoorne) is undoubtedly one of the best places to learn how to kitesurf in a safe and progressive manner.

  • Large & Safe Bay

  • Suitable for any wind directions

  • No waves
  • No rocks
  • No current

Learn Kitesurfing in 4 steps

  • Theoretical introduction and safety rules.
  • Controlling a powerkite.
  • Setup of a 4 lines Kite and controlling it in the water.
  • Understanding and mastering of 3 different safety system.

  • Controlling the kite with one hands
  • Relaunch the kite.
  • Mastering the Powerzone
  • Bodydrag downwind é upwind
  • Managing the board while mastering the kite

  • Extra theoritical info about waterstaring
  • Balancing yourself with the board on your feet while managing the kite
  • initiate the waterstart
  • work waterstart in both directions
  • Very first ride !

  • Riding upwind
  • Change direction without stopping
  • Self-Rescue
  • Toeside Turn
  • First Jump

From that level it will be possible to rent equipment with or without supervision.

  • Lessons are given in Holland at Oostvoorne Beach (strandweg 1, Oostvoorne 3233, Netherlands), the simply very best spot to learn fast and safely.
  • During the lesson we provide free of charge all equipment needed (harness, helmet, floatation jacket, wetsuits, board & kite)
  • Still, we always advise for your comfort to invest in your own wetsuit (warmer and better fit)
  • We can start and stop in the middle of a step process and we can do more than 1 step during one day.
  • Rentai is possible for independent rider.
  • You need to be able to swim and to be in a healthy condition.
  • For teenager under 18 year old, it is mandatory to fill and sign a parental authorisation. To be given in hand the day of the first lesson to the instructor. (Parental authorisation available here)


  • 150€/3h semi-private lesson – equipment included (kite, control bar, wetsuits, harness, helmets, floating jacket)

  • 90€/3h Kite & Board Rental
  • 200€/2h Private lesson

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