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flysurfer-speed5-kiteboarding-freestyle-big-airLa reine des ailes à caissons fermés de Flysurfer, la Speed, revient pour une 5ème édition qui va probablement bien dépoter. Description de la bête juste en dessous. 

« The SPEED5 is the best kite system for the highest all-round performance on any terrain and for every ability level. The SPEED5 is a true multi-talent on the water. This big-air and hang time giant also convinces through its characteristics as a chilled cruiser and a simple re-launcher. On land, the SPEED5 is the first choice for freestyle kite land boarders and buggy-kiters. The strong DLX+ material and its robust construction is ideal even for your roughest sessions. The SPEED5 is a safe companion for snowkiting. Even in gusty conditions its stability and reliable performance allows pure stoke.

Range of Use
Combining all strengths of its forerunner with the newest features, the SPEED5 offers an incredible range of use, from low-end to strong winds, making it suitable for both rookies and experienced riders. High stability, effortless steering, easy relaunch and a strong depower enable the SPEED5 to be extra controllable and thus very safe. The ideal kite for both rookies and experts. The SPEED5 offers the largest wind range of all FLYSURFER products. Due to its impressive depower and its refined construction it performs reliably in wind conditions ranging from low-end to strong winds. In general, FLYSURFER Kiteboarding products are well known for their high performance in low wind conditions. The SPEED5 joins these footsteps and shows a solid performance and fun factor from 8 knots onwards.

Easy Handling
The development team emphasized on easy handling of the SPEED5. The result is a fast set-up, effortless steering and riding as well as easy launching and landing. The power builds up comfortably, the depower is progressive and no effort is needed for steering, which makes the SPEED5 very comfortable to ride. Unpacking and launching of the SPEED5 is simple and fast. Launching can be done independently. This results in a relaxed and fast setup, which leaves more time for your session. The relaunch capability of the SPEED5 is outstanding – even in the lowest wind conditions, water relaunch is no problem.

Big Air
The SPEED5 embodies 10 years of FLYSURFER know-how in kite development. Its new construction allows for faster turning, more lift and hangtime – this is thé best SPEED for massive big airs. Because of its steady increase of lift, take-offs and high controllable jumps are made easy. An aspect ratio of 6.15 in combination with an optimized profile and rigid-foils increase the glide ratio. In comparison to the SPEED4 this results in a stronger kick, increased jumping height, hang time and an even slightly better upwind performance. The faster and more precise turning of the SPEED5 makes its use a blast.

Travel Comfort
FLYSURFER’s virtue is to enable customers to travel light and comfortably. For that reason the SPEED5 has light and small packaging. The light weight allows easy transportation – whether it is for your adventure holidays or business trips. In addition, the kite bag features enough space for even more kites.

SPEED5 sizes 6.0, 9.0 & 12.0 m2 are available now. In spring/summer 2016 the sizes 15.0, 18.0 & 21.0 m2 will follow!
For more information visit the SPEED5 product page here: flysurfer.com/en/produkte/kites/speed5/« 

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  1. Bonjour, le kitesurf m’attire, que me conseillez vous pour commencer ?

  2. Salut François, tu peux jeter un coup d’oeil sur le forum, section matos kite. Déjà par exemple ici : https://www.kitesurfeur.be/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=1757

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