Naish Kiteboarding TV S02E09: WELCOME TO 2013

L’Episode 8 de Naish Kiteboarding TV nous prĂ©sente la gamme 2013 Naish Kiteboarding.
“Welcome to the world of Naish; a world of water, wind and waves. A world of dreams and adrenaline, fun, family and friends. A world where high tech materials and designs meet real world testing to give you the best possible boardriding experience.”

RIDERS: Jalou Langeree, Sam Light, Rick Jensen, Jesse Richman, Shawn Richman, Kai Lenny
KITES: 2013 Kite Collection
BOARDS: 2013 Kiteboard Collection
HARNESSES: 2013 Harness Collection
SOUNDTRACK: If I Could Feel Again by Pretty Lights

Naish Kiteboarding 2013

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  1. Pour moi l’orange pĂ©tant, c’est dĂ» Ă  la petite touche personnelle de Jalou et kevin Langeree ^^

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