Ce documentaire de 25 minutes fait le portrait de deux rideurs autrichiens pionniers : Hardy Brandstötter and Gabi Steindl.

This documentary portrays two of Austria’s Kitesurf-Pioneers:
Gabi Steindl, Austria’s only Kitesurf-Professional, multiple World Cup winner & Action Lifestyle-Icon, check out kitegabi.com, and Hardy Brandstötter of snowkiting.at.

9 years ago Gabi Steindl traded her top-career in the business jungles of Hong Kong and London with a dream… and succeeded! After many successful years and multiple victories on the World Tour, Gabi’s focus today has shifted to freeride media-projects and wave-kiting, the most recent trend in the multi facetted sport of kitesurfing.

All year round Gabi is exploring the most remote places on our beautiful planet in search for new, yet undiscovered kitesurfing-grounds and to find perfect waves. She works with leading media channels (TV, Magazines, Newspapers, Film etc.) in order to share her experiences with Kite-, and Adventure-Lovers all around the world!

ServusTV followed her, adventuring into some unique, and very special place: Papua New Guinea.

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