Airush Sector V2

Petite review sur la planche de Freeride/race de chez Airush.

During the years, Airush has been developing the widebody concept into a freeride/race program directed towards lightwind riding. With the success of the Sector V1, the V2 has increased its performance through countless testing hours to bring a definite improvement in upwind performance, early planning (7-8knots), and speed while keeping the comfort and control that the Sector is known for.

Airush introduced the Widebody concept to kiteboarding with the Sector 60, and the response for customers has been truly astounding. The Sector 60 V2 continues that legacy and introduces a new level of upwind performance, comfort and ease of use. The improvements in performance are the result of refinements in Rocker, outline and fin configuration.

Sector 52 V2 is based on the ideology of a high performance Freerace directional, with high wind performance for heavier riders, or a dedicated light wind board for lightweight riders.

For riders looking for unbeatable reaching speed in all wind conditions the Sector 52 truly excels. In addition, the Sector 52 offers a more maneuverable option to its big brother the Sector 60.

Airush Sector V2 60 173cm (5’8″) 60cm (23 1/2″) Fin Size: 24/22cm

Airush Sector V2 52 173cm (5’8″) 52cm (20 1/2″) Fin Size: 22/18cm

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