Finally I decided to post something about my two trips in Italy where I discovered wonderful spots. South Italy is a wonderful place for kiting, especially Sicily which is in front of the Mediterranean canal. The wind is amazing, as Italian I go often there. I learned kiting one year ago in Calabria (another spot I will describe next time), then I discovered how much wind you have here and fallen in love with Brouwersdam :). I live in Brussels and always dream to go back for kitesurfing in Italy, without thick water-suit, over a deep blue water while the sun kisses me up to the end of the day.

In case you plan a trip to something new, which is not terribly expensive, 2h flying cool and comfortable from Charleroi, not in France and even reachable by car, think about Italy. In the southern side of Sicily (the African side) just in front of the Egadi’s Islands you can find a magic place that italians call “terra santa”. It means the holy land, kissed by god because of the wind and the beauty: always strong, not too much, full of energy. The spot offers flat amazing water even in the open sea during summer and waves during fall-spring-winter. Everything surrounded by magnificent landscapes, history and food. It is not a place where to get bored when the wind is down.

The first spot I would like to describe is “Lo Stagnone”. I am inspired by “la piscine” in Brouwersdam; I like it, I learned kiting there. I am not a pro, I always look for flat water. Stagnone in italian means big lake. It is not a lake but an open piece of ocean closed by three small islands. The result is an amazing flat water play world where you can always stand and surf for kilometers, from an island to another while bigs flamingo’s birds are looking at you and the fancy colors of your kite. It is a big lagoon, like the Brasilian lagoons and very likely remembers an exotic flat water paradise. Locals call it “the gym” where to enjoy and learn on every session. This is one of the most amazing place I have seen. I was surfing there as long as my legs could stand while smiling like a baby.

this is the spot area:

It’s around Marsala, the very famous place for wine and history. In the surrounding you have Erice (Medieval town on top of a small mountain) and Trapani. Even have chosen this place to enjoy some of the extreme windy days 🙂

Since I am not writing this article as an advertising, I am independent, just a kiter like you. I am linked to none of them, I would like to post here the spots and the people I met. No other goal except sharing. My job unfortunately is in IT 🙂

There are two main schools on the spot. I met the main instructors from both of them; they are very special people, very friendly and professionals and they show a special attitude to the hospitality. I am sure the first of them, Maurizio, speaks English since I saw a lot of international tourists there and heard him giving lessons in eng. Maurizio leads the school/test center on the spot: He will not disappoint you.

The other school is called Jamakite; the main instructor is Gianluca which is a pleasant funny person who loves the extreme.

Both schools offers nice hospitality, residences and B&B service.

Very close, 20 Km far from Marsala, find another spot at Mazara’s beach, inside a closed natural reserve, the spot called “Capo Feto“; another amazing spot over there. It is impossible to find it, you need to ask the locals and rent a car but it is worth the money and the time. Turquoise water almost flat in the open sea, the mistral blows into your kite for just pleasure. In summer time, it is a wonderful spot and during winter is bit extreme:

(unfortunately the cool guy who jumps amazing is not me 🙂 I am the one with the nobile board)

There is nothing around, really nothing. So you cannot sleep or stay there!

There is another spot nearby, which is more open in the ocean and more wave, it is called “Pozziteddu“. It’s a nice place too. There are schools there but the people I met are less friendly especially if you don’t sleep in their facilities 🙂

Marsala’s airport “Trapani Birgi” is very close to the Stagnone spot, you can even see the kites while landing. There are direct Ryanair flights from Charleroi, therefore it is a very easy spot to get to. Renting car is something I suggest, prices with international car-hires are good. I am dreaming to go back soon, before the time gets harder, before December even for a weekend. Sept-Oct-Nov is amazing wind there. Summer is cool but it’s more holidays time, crowded. It is the right time to go if your trip is not only “kite” (especially with the girlfriends :). I am planning to organize a trip there with friends, just friends, on the 1st of May 2011.. what I call the cannol-kite weekend(Cannoli is a delicious sweet you’ll never stop eating).

I am completely available, on the forum and privately to answer questions, do not hesitate. Ahh.. just the last info. I’ve seen more guns in USA then there. There are no guns or mafia boys around 🙂 which will threat you like the movies ..

some video:

this summer, Capo Feto:

a bit of everything:

winter in tonnarella(close capo feto):

a friend of mine, beginner practicing at Capo Feto:

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