Fortaleza est une destination très prisée par les kitesurfeurs et la compagnie portugaise semble l’avoir bien compris. Si vous avez l’intention dans vos futures destinations de partir vers Cumbucco & Co ou que vous tenez simplement à vous opposer contre ce supplément, un petit passage par cette pétition s’impose.

Since June 2010, TAP have changed their baggage policies. Now, if you want to check-in a board bag, you will have to pay 150€ from Europe for a one way flight.

In short, this means that if you want to transport any type of board bag (surf, windsurf, kitesurf), you will have to pay 300€ total per checked bag for your round trip in addition to your ticket.

As you all know all this sports were a huge push in local tourism and this part of Brazil is one of the most visited places in the world to practice both kite and windsurf!

This is extortion, pure and simple and not affordable for the vast majority of kiteboarders, surfers or windsurfers, passionate people, who want to just travel safely, bring along their gear to practice their beloved sport, much like a golfer will do, golfers pay less (40€, one way and up to 15kg it’s for free!).
The flights to Fortaleza and Natal are the most expensive ones, even flying to Rio is way cheaper.
As you all know TAP is almost the only flight company that flies from Europe, which leaves us all without other options!

Say NO to this new rule by signing this petition!

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