Ca y est c’est fait! Aaron est détrôné. A quelques points près Kevin Langeree, naviguant pour Naish et O’neill,etc… est devenu champion du monde en prenant la première place du PKRA 2009!

My dream has just come to reality!!! I just won the world title! I’m so stoked you just can’t  believe. I have no words for it…

I want to thank my parents for all the support they gave me all those years and mom I won now you have to win as well. I also want to thank all my sponsors O’Neill, NAISH, USA vision eye wear, Ben&Jerry’s and for every thing they have done for me. With out them I would have never reached my goal!


Le petit Kevin est très émotif d’avoir gagné et remercie grandement ses parents et ses sponsors dans son communiqué ci-joint.

Plus d’info:

Félicitation pour l’exploit Kevin!